It’s a Love Story…


WOW! I can’t believe it has been a year since Kenny and I got married.This past year has just FLOWN by! In honor of our anniversary I wanted to share our love story with you guys.

When I first graduated from high school I was in need of a job. My Aunt Allison worked at Bishop International Airport, where they had a position open at the restaurant there. You name it, I did it; I worked the cash register, the grill, and served alcohol for the bar tenders from time to time. After I had been working there for a while I started noticing this guy around the airport. Secretly, I would tell my best friend Mary that he was my “work boyfriend”, even though we had never spoken a word.


Little did I know, that the same boy had taken notice of me too. I remember very specifically walking into the airport one day, and Kenny called after me, “Hi Brittney”! I was so shocked, how did he know my name?? From then on, whenever I would see Kenny he would greet me in some fashion. I would go home, and tell my mom how “creepy and weird” I thought it was. ( My high school boyfriend and I didn’t have the greatest relationship, especially during the later years, so I wasn’t used to some one being genuinely nice to me.) One day, another one of the TSA workers approached my station and asked, ” Do you know who Kenny is? Do you have a boyfriend?” I told him that I kind of knew who Kenny was, and even though I was still hanging on to the final shreds of my high school relationship, that no, I in fact, did not have a boyfriend.


So, of course being the detective that I am, I went home that night and CREEPED! I looked Kenny up on Facebook, and even checked out his MySpace page. This was when I found out how old Kenny was, at the time he was 29 and I was 18. EEEKKK! Once I discovered this I tried to just leave things alone. That was WAY too old for a girl fresh out of high school with little to zero dating experience. But, he just kept coming around, and I couldn’t get him off of my mind. So, one night when I was hanging out with some girlfriends I got the courage to send him a friend request on Facebook. Not long after, he accepted and then messaged me. We talked via Facebook message for a little while, and then I again went completely out of my comfort zone and asked for his phone number! He gave it to me and we continued our conversation through text message. In all honesty, it was a little awkward and stale.


We continued to talk every once in a while, and then he FINALLY asked me out on a date, I said yes, but I was terrified. I had never really gone on a date with someone that I didn’t know at all. I had no idea what you were supposed to wear on a first date, so I searched the mall for hours for the perfect outfit. He came and picked me up in his Jeep Wrangler, which I just thought was so cool and sexy. We went to Panera for a quick bite to eat, and the to the movies to see ” Get Him to the Greek”. A movie, that I did not find particularly funny, but Kenny thought it was hysterical. He was laughing SO hard, but trying to contain his laughter at the same time. At one point during the movie he slapped his knee he was laughing so hard; It was all a little much for me.


After that initial date, things kind of fizzled out. My “boyfriend” at the time was still some what pulling at my hear strings, and little did I know Kenny was also trying to get over someone else. We talked from time to time, but nothing more than some innocent flirting, until New Years Eve. I had FINALLY let go of my boyfriend a few months before, and was at a New Years Eve party with Mary. (Here comes the embarrassing part) I can’t remember why, but I decided that I needed to call Kenny… Random, I know. With A LOT of liquid courage I dialed his number. We talked for a while, I mostly remember trying to convince him to come to where I was, over an hour away, so we could make out. We chatted a while longer and then got off of the phone until I called him again at the stroke of midnight. This time, there was no answer, so of course I left a voicemail. The most embarrassing voicemail of my entire life. I hazily remember saying that he should call me back because I think he’s cute, and has a cute smile, and a cute laugh, and I liked him .. Really just digging myself into a Deep, Dark, Embarrassing hole. Especially, since Kenny proceeded to play said message to all of his friends at the party. His friends basically told them that I was WAY too young, and he should just let this one go.


Luckily for me, my crazy did not scare him away. We continued to talk, and then started going out on more dates. I’ve said it before, but neither of us had super high expectations of our relationship. We knew that there was a huge age gap. We were living two total opposite lives. I was straight out of high school, working and focusing on college; while Kenny was used to living the single life. To make matters worse, at the time Kenny was able to go out to the bar with his friends, and I had to hang behind, because I wasn’t old enough to get into the bar. I didn’t meet his friends for a while because of this. We had a lot of people who wern’t necessarily against us, but weren’t for us either. They didn’t understand our relationship. Looking back, we really fought for our relationship, and we proved the doubters wrong. I remember the first time we told each other we loved one another, sitting together on the couch in the living room of his little one bedroom apartment. In that moment, I had never been more happy, or felt more alive.

Stay tuned for the rest of our story up on the blog later in the week!







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