Fashion FriYAY!

Happy FriYAY everyone!!

So, recently I have been looking for wardrobe pieces that meet two specific criteria. 1. They don’t take a lot of time to put together with other pieces in my wardrobe. I am currently using the closet that is in Kennedy’s room. So, I’m not usually able to change my outfit multiple times in the morning. After I shower, I tip-toe in, and do my very best not to wake the beast. (I say this with much love) 2. They have to be pieces that can transcend into fall. The fall months are coming people! I have been looking for pieces that are cool for the remainder of the summer months, but can have layers added to them to be worn in the fall. This way, I am able to wear the clothes I love for longer periods of time.


I found this VERY cute romper at Francesca’s! I don’t usually feel like rompers work for me. I have a super short torso, and I usually feel like they give me a little pouch. (Not Cute) I was out shopping a few weeks back and I just fell I love with the colors in this piece. I thought I would give it a whirl, and added it to my try-on pile. I put it on, and it is seriously the most flattering romper I have ever worn!!  Even though it is longsleeve, the fabric is super light weight for the summer time. I have been wearing it all over this summer. Dinner, work, you name it! I plan on layering with tights, a cardigan and boots for fall!




Romper|Fringe Necklace|Lipstick


P.S. This is what I looked like for most of the “photoshoot”. By Photoshoot I mean my hubby taking a few pics of me before we went out to dinner.



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