New Series!

ATTENTION: There is a new series coming to the blog! Kennedy is turning one in a few months and I am going to be documenting our party planning journey.

First things first, we had to pick a theme. (and by we, I mean me). This will probably be the only birthday that I will get to pick the theme, because Kennedy doesn’t really have her own opinion yet. It was extremely hard for me to decide what theme to pick. Kennedy was born in early November. All of the themes that I was finding online, and via Pinterest seemed like they were themes meant for the summer time. For the longest time I thought for sure I was going to go with a Kate Spade theme. I thought this would be girly and SUPER CUTE! But I kept going back and forth unsure if this would be “too much” for a baby’s birthday.


I changed my mind AGAIN. Hah. But finally I decided, we are going to go with a Woodland Creature/ Flower Child theme. Now that it is written here on the blog, I have to be committed! I thought that this would be the perfect way to incorporate the fall colors into Kennedy’s birthday party theme. I have started going crazy on Pinterest! There are so many cute ideas and decorations.

I can’t wait to share our party planning journey with you guys. Stay tuned for DIYs, menu planning, invitations creations, and more.


Talk to you soon!

Xo, Brit.


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