Fashion FriYay!

Happy FriYAY! I hope you guys have had an awesome week. This week has just flown by for me. I have a feeling the rest of September will too. I wanted to share with you this cute little end of the summer outfit I put together. So, here in Michigan we are still rocking 90 degree, VERY HUMID weather. As much as I am ready for fall, I hate being hot. So wearing jeans and flannel is just not going to work for me quite yet.


When Kenny and I were on our way home from our Anniversary trip. ( Click HERE to read about that). We stopped by a boutique in Bay City that my cousin Miranda had told me about. The boutique is called GiGi’s. I picked up the top featured above, and a SUPER cute tank that is going to be great for transitioning into fall. They have the cutest stuff for extremely affordable prices. Their Instagram name is gigis_boutique where they post all of their new product. I also love this shop because they sell cute house decor! A lot of which is coffee themed. You know I am all about that life.


I’m also wearing white shorts after Labor Day, sue me. I just don’t think white ever goes out of season. I love the freshness and pop that white apparel and accessories can give to a look. I  added a statement necklace to tie the look all together. I really love this necklace because it adds a nice pop of color. However, it isn’t super bulky and heavy, which is nice when you’re trying to chase a baby around. The tie-up sandals that I featured in another post have become my new favs. I literally wear them almost everyday.


Talkin’ to baby K.


Daddy Dressed me today.

That hair though! Haha!


Signature look. 🙂

Top|Shorts|Necklace|Kennedy’s Headband


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