Guest List

The Party Planning is underway people! My baby is turning one and it is time to celebrate. Kennedy and I sat down yesterday to discuss a few elements of her first birthday party. Hehe.

Up first, the guest list! Who do you invite to a babies first birthday? One part of me  kind of feels like I want to invite every person I know that has a baby, and or, a small child. I want to CELEBRATE! We made it. Through the long, and often sleepless nights. Through the many blow outs. Through our breastfeeding struggles. There was laughter, and there were tears, but we made it!


The other, more rational part of me wants to have a small intimate gathering with our close friends and family. This is how we will celebrate, with our tribe. It truly does take a tribe and we couldn’t be more greatful thankful for ours. We are so blessed to have our friends and family. They have been there for us from the moment that Kennedy was born. They brought us over dinner, watched the baby so we could sleep, and would even surprise us with a tidy kitchen. Though Kennedy is almost a year old, Kenny and I still lean on our support system. Our family watches Kennedy while we work, which is huge for us. It saves SO much money on child care, and is something that we are forever thankful for. Plus, we love the fact that Kennedy gets to spend her to days with people she knows and loves.


Kenny and I are both just so excited to celebrate this special day with everyone! We love sharing our ray of sunshine with the world.

Keep your eye for the next installment of Kennedy’s Birthday Series!

x0 Brit


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