Kennedy’s One Year Photos

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageWe had Kennedy’s one year photos taken a few weeks ago. I am so in love with every single one. They truly capture Kennedy’s wild personality! We had a hard time trying to get Kennedy to stand still. She definitely has a mind of her own, and was chasing after all of us. Most of the pictures capture her scream face.

I was SUPER surprised when it came to the cake smash. At home, Kennedy can kill some food. She gets food EVERYWHERE! Her hair, her face, her eye, etc. During the cake smash she every so daintily picked off pieces of frosting from her cake. When I pushed her hand in the frosting to try to get things moving along she was very unhappy. Kennedy wanted nothing to do with the frosting. She held her hand out at me like “Here mom, get this yucky stuff off”.

Take a peek through these awesome photos of my crazy girl. ❤


We were very lucky to work with some awesome Etsy shops who created custom orders for us. I just wanted to give them a quick shout out, because I waited until the very last minute to make up my mind, and they really came through!

Teepee: Sugar Shacks Teepees

Flower Crown: Blossoms Chic Boutique

Flower Garland: The Love Bloom

Cake: 2 Blondes and A Bakery



2 thoughts on “Kennedy’s One Year Photos

  1. thebaxeydiaries says:

    Thank you so much! I am so happy with the way everything turned out! My sister and I keep joking about opening up an Etsy shop because of all of the things we’ve made the last few weeks. Haha!


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