Goals for 2017

So, I know most people have put their 2017 resolutions up already… But, you know your girl is always a step behind. Lol There has also been a little controversy on resolutions vs. goals, I chose to share a little bit of both.


Create better content with a stronger focus for my readers.

Gain 3,000 followers on Instagram by 2018.

Get one sponsored post from a company I love

Be more “me”


Get more organized, or at least create a more organized version of chaos.

Make date nights more of a priority with my hubby

start eating healthier as a family


STOP comparing my relationship with Kennedy with Kenny’s relationship with her.

Have me time, and STOP feeling guilty about it

START working out again

Now, making these goals is great! But, how am I going to hold myself accountable? Well, first of all, I’m sharing it with the world, more like my five readers.. Lol. But for real, put your goals up some where that you can see them! Write them somewhere that you can look back if that’s your style. Just don’t lose sight of your dreams guys!

I have some cool stuff coming your way in the next couple weeks.

Talk soon,



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