Life/ 3rd Trimester Update

Well hello there! Long time no Blog! I am super excited to share that I am going to start back at the blogging game. : ) As some of you may know I am pregnant with our second little girl, our official due date is May 15th! We are over the moon… and a little nervous to welcome a new baby into our life. Kennedy is VERY excited to be a big sister! She keeps asking me “Momma! When is that baby coming out of your belly,”! When we first found out we were expecting Kennedy explained to us that she had a baby in her belly too, the size of a watermelon! Lol!


This pregnancy has not been an easy one. During the first trimester I was nauseas ALL. THE. TIME. Plus, I was dealing with some personal stuff that was pretty emotional, especially for someone who’s hormones were all over the place. During the second trimester I had a surge of energy! I was working out, keeping up with the house, and still able to Keep up with Kennedy, for the most part. I felt like I was kicking ass and taking names!  From then on out i thought this pregnancy was going to be a breeze. That pipe dream came crashing down at about 26 weeks. Instead, I was getting my ass kicked. Hadley has been hanging out pretty low my entire pregnancy. Which was Really putting pressure on my pelvic region. Lucky me! I ended up with “lightening crotch” pains for weeks. Working eight hours on my feet was really starting to take a toll on my body. I would get home from work and would need Kenny to help me  out of my car. Waking up in the morning was a joke, I could barely walk. I’m not sure if I’m just getting used to it or what, but my pregnancy symptoms don’t seem to be as bad these last few weeks. It is so crazy to me how different each pregnancy can be! I knew that I had an easy pregnancy with Kennedy. Having such a different experience the second time around definitely makes me appreciate it so much more.. lol.


With all of the excitement does come a little bit of anixety. I’ve been keeping pretty busy during this pregnancy. It is not often that my mind finds time to wander. With our due date rapidly approaching, and a little more time off of work. I’ve been finding myself letting those anxious thoughts creep in. When Kennedy was born I had a really hard time feeling secure in my roll as a mom. I was unsure of everything I was doing! Our breastfeeding journey did not go well, which just added to the insecurities I was already feeling. Im worried that having a new baby will bring these insecurities and all of the other emotions that go along with them flooding back.  This time it could not only  have an affect on the baby, but Kennedy too. It has been SO long since we have been around a little baby! It kind of feels like we are doing it all over again. I have so many questions, and have been leaning on my mom friends for support Trying to make myself feel more prepared for this next phase in life. 


Our life is obviously going to change. I’m just hoping that I will be able to give myself ALOT more grace this time around. Something I’ve been trying to work on in general is embracing the chaos of our life. It’s messy and crazy, but oh so beautiful.. why try to force it to be anything else? Besides, even if things do get a little crazy I know everything will work out. I can’t wait to take you all on this new adventure with us!




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