Month Numero 2


Wowza! It has already been two months since we brought Hadley May home from the hospital. The days are just flying by!


In these last few weeks Hadley, or Hads as we have taken to calling her, has changed so much! She is packing on the pounds, 13 to be exact. It is the best feeling knowing that I am giving her the nutrients she needs to grow. Hadley has started sucking on her hands as a form of slef soothing, and refuses to take a paci. She has started smiling and making the sweetest little baby coos. Not too long ago, she started reacting to our voices. Which completely melts my heart! She is also holding her head up so well, and even sitting up a little. Hadley is sleeping through the night, which is FREAKING amazing. Kennedy was a terrible sleeper, so it is nice to have change of pace. HA She was playing on her mat last week and rolled up onto her side! Hadley is starting to take an interest in her toys, and she loves her big sister! I think month three is going to be a big month for her, and I can’t wait to see which milestones she hits next.


The Big Sis:

Kennedy is doing an amazing job as a big sister. She changed her first diaper this month, poop and all a few weeks ago! (she had some assistance from Mom) Mid diaper changed Hadley tooted and pooped at the same time. It freaked Kennedy out, but it hasn’t stopped her from asking to help. WIN! Ken loves to sing to baby Hadley. She is usually making up her own songs, which I find to be even more endearing. I’m sure the days of fighting over toys and clothes will come soon enough. But for now I love watching their relationship blossom. Kennedy is so gentle and kind to her sister. I just love seeing this care-taker side of her. It truly does give me all the feels.



Aside from being a little stir crazy, which has been a constant since I began my maternity leave, this Momma is doing good! I had my six week check up this month and the doctors okayed me to return to my regular activities. So, I started working out when I can fit it in.  It’s not a secret that I deal with anxiety. I’ve been trying to manage it without medication for a few years now. Exercise really helps with that, I feel like it gives me an outlet for all of that anxious energy to escape to. Idk if that makes sense? We made it two  months exclusively breastfeeding. I am SO freaking proud of us. I even have a decent stash built up. I am thinking about giving Hadley her first bottle soon. I’m pretty nervous about it. I really don’t want to go backwards with any of the progress we have made.



As far as life overall, not much has changed this month. Kenny is going to be returning to work this week, and I have to be honest I’m a little bit nervous. Im not sure why? I think I’m more nervous for him? He wakes up for work at 2:30am and I’m just worried that he isn’t going to be gettting enough rest. I am hoping that we will be able to start establishing a little more of a routine for the girls before I go back to work. We were so, so blessed to be able to spend this time off together.

Talk soon,



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