Month Numero 2


Wowza! It has already been two months since we brought Hadley May home from the hospital. The days are just flying by!


In these last few weeks Hadley, or Hads as we have taken to calling her, has changed so much! She is packing on the pounds, 13 to be exact. It is the best feeling knowing that I am giving her the nutrients she needs to grow. Hadley has started sucking on her hands as a form of slef soothing, and refuses to take a paci. She has started smiling and making the sweetest little baby coos. Not too long ago, she started reacting to our voices. Which completely melts my heart! She is also holding her head up so well, and even sitting up a little. Hadley is sleeping through the night, which is FREAKING amazing. Kennedy was a terrible sleeper, so it is nice to have change of pace. HA She was playing on her mat last week and rolled up onto her side! Hadley is starting to take an interest in her toys, and she loves her big sister! I think month three is going to be a big month for her, and I can’t wait to see which milestones she hits next.


The Big Sis:

Kennedy is doing an amazing job as a big sister. She changed her first diaper this month, poop and all a few weeks ago! (she had some assistance from Mom) Mid diaper changed Hadley tooted and pooped at the same time. It freaked Kennedy out, but it hasn’t stopped her from asking to help. WIN! Ken loves to sing to baby Hadley. She is usually making up her own songs, which I find to be even more endearing. I’m sure the days of fighting over toys and clothes will come soon enough. But for now I love watching their relationship blossom. Kennedy is so gentle and kind to her sister. I just love seeing this care-taker side of her. It truly does give me all the feels.



Aside from being a little stir crazy, which has been a constant since I began my maternity leave, this Momma is doing good! I had my six week check up this month and the doctors okayed me to return to my regular activities. So, I started working out when I can fit it in.  It’s not a secret that I deal with anxiety. I’ve been trying to manage it without medication for a few years now. Exercise really helps with that, I feel like it gives me an outlet for all of that anxious energy to escape to. Idk if that makes sense? We made it two  months exclusively breastfeeding. I am SO freaking proud of us. I even have a decent stash built up. I am thinking about giving Hadley her first bottle soon. I’m pretty nervous about it. I really don’t want to go backwards with any of the progress we have made.



As far as life overall, not much has changed this month. Kenny is going to be returning to work this week, and I have to be honest I’m a little bit nervous. Im not sure why? I think I’m more nervous for him? He wakes up for work at 2:30am and I’m just worried that he isn’t going to be gettting enough rest. I am hoping that we will be able to start establishing a little more of a routine for the girls before I go back to work. We were so, so blessed to be able to spend this time off together.

Talk soon,



DIY Coffee Scrub

Hey everybody! Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve just been super busy! Last weekend I was in my cousin’s wedding.(Which, by the way was SO beautiful !) Unfortunately, the next day I woke up and was feeling pretty under the weather. Stuffed up nose, sore throat, the whole sheebang. But, today I am feeling exponentially better… And my baby is napping! Yay!

So enough of the small talk, lets get down to it. A few months ago I was prowling insta when I found that Kristin Cavallari, most famous for the hit Tv show The Hills, had posted a coffee scrub recipe from her new book Balancing in Heels. I loved it because a. It was all natural b. There are less than 5 ingredients c. SUPER EASY



1/4 cup finely ground coffee beans

2 Tbls Cocoa powder

3 Tbls Almond Milk or Coconut Oil

(Keep adding the almond milk or coconut oil if you need more)

You mix all of the ingredients together and


** We didn’t have any cocoa powder so I used hot chocolate instead. Same thing, right?

Once I had mixed everything together I put it in one of Kennedy’s old, cleaned baby food containers. The recipe does make a very small amount, but I found that I could get a couple of uses out of the recipe. I will warn you, It does get a little messy while you’re using it. At first I was really nervous because it looked like a pig whole had been  rolling in the mud had been in my shower! The cleanup wasn’t terrible though, one quick rinse, and it was all down the drain. Plus, it left my skin feeling super smooth!


This would make such a cute gift for some one. I cut out a piece of square fabric that I had left over from another project, and placed it on top of the jar. Then I took a small piece of twine and wrapped it in a bow. SO. STINKIN. CUTE!


I hope you guys love this easy DIY Just as much as I do! Let me know in the comments if you would like to see more DIY’s on the blog.

Xoxo Brit

Hey guys! Happy September! This summer FLEW by! (Wow, that’s a lot of exclamation points). I have to admit that I am a fall girl myself. I love the crisp fall air, plaid, and a good fall candle. My heart is melting just thinking about it. Anywho,  I wanted to share with you a couple of things that Kennedy and I loved in the month of August.


  1. Maybelline Color Sentational Lip Color Loaded Bolds in the Shade Coffee Addiction. I must admit that I am kind of a brand snob when it comes to buying make-up. But recently I was reading an issue of Instyle magazine and there was an article that featured Gigi Hadid. She is like one of my favorite “it” girls right now. She shared that this was one of her favorite lipsticks, and I just had to try it! It is a beautiful warm tone brown shade. I love the color especially for the up coming fall months. The thing that I love about this lipstick, aside from the budget friendly price point, is the formula. It is smooth and creamy. It doesn’t dry my lips out which is great. It also lasts all day long, which is great because I don’t have to re-apply it while I am at work.
  2. Wet N Wild mega glow contouring palette in the shade Ducle De Leche. One of my favorite beauty Youtubers is Kathleen Lights. I have watched her use this palette multiple times on her channel, and she is always raving about it. I have been looking for an under eye setting powder for a while. I just thought, why the heck not. I’m pretty sure it was only $4.99 at our local grocery store. I. AM. OBSESSED. I really love the lighter color for setting my under-eye area, and any other areas that I have tried to highlight that day. The color is just perfect for my skin tone. I don’t love the contouring shade as much. I find that it comes off a little red on my skin. I do use it from time-to-time to warm up the face. Even though I don’t use the contouring portion as much, it is totally worth it. I have literally been using this every day since they day I bought it.
  3. Bralettes. The Bralette pictured is specifically a Bralette from Aerie. It is the plunge Bralette in a boho lace. I own almost every color that it is available in. I can not say enough good things about this Bralette. It is so comfortable and gives me the coverage that I am looking for! Having the right coverage and support is so important when you have bigger breasts. I love being able to put on something that is both cute and comfortable. If I’m not wearing one of these to work, I’m definitely throwing it on as soon as I get home.
  4. Pretzel Crips in the flavor Buffalo Wing. These are truly an addiction and obsession for me beyond the month of August. When I was pregnant I would crave buffalo sauce. These would allow me to get the fix I needed without having to waddle out to dinner. I still love eating them. I could sit and eat an entire bag, or ten in one sitting.
  5. Coffee-mate creamer in the flavor Espresso Chocolate. So, this originally came out a while back when Coffee-mate had all of their special edition Starwars creamers out. Kenny and I fell in love with it, and of course they discontinued it when the Starwars craze ended. However, they just recently brought this flavor back. Kenny and I are so obsessed with it. If there are only three bottles left at the grocery store, we will buy all three. Haha.


  1. Finding Dory Fish are Friends Playland. We were at a friends house recently and they had this toy for their son. Kennedy loved it, so we decided to order it for her. It is so cute to watch her play in this toy. It provides so much entertainment for her.  Which is great for mom and dad! We can play with her, or she will play with it on her own. Kennedy  likes to  stand up in it and then knock it over. She plays hide-and-seek with Kenny and I. She likes to just run in and out. It is almost like a little hide out for her.
  2. Melissa and Doug Wood Blocks. These are actually not a new toy for us. Kenny bought them a few months back for Kennedy. Well, mostly for himself. Ha. He likes to build castles for Kennedy to knock over. Kennedy, however, has really taken a liking to one specific block: The Yellow Cylinder. She loves it, and carries it around with her all the time. If we ask her to pick between this block and any of the others she always chooses the yellow cylinder.
  3. Ten Little Ladybugs. We have always read to Kennedy, but in August she started reading to herself. She loves this book because she likes the 3D ladybugs that are attached to the pages of the book. She will sit and read to herself and pick at those ladybugs.
  4. Pineapple. Kennedy’s favorite fruit right now is pineapple.We will cut small pieces up and let her feed herself. Kennedy likes to be very independent, so she absolutely loves this!  She is crazy about it eating “grown-up” food. If you are eating around her and she isn’t, she will sit at your feet like a little puppy and beg for food.  There really hasn’t been many foods that she has tried that she hasn’t liked.
  5. Stella Lane’s Shop Pumpkin Headband. This is my absolute favorite shop to get Kennedy bows and clips from. I just love all of the super cute options she offers for every season. Recently she has been having Ready to ship sales once a week. I love the ready to ship sales because you don’t have to wait for the 2-3 week turn around time.

I am so excited for Septemeber. I have a a couple of really exciting things planned for the blog! I just wanted to thank everyone for the support that I have been shown so far. I wasn’t sure if anyone would even read, much less like my blog. All of your kind words mean so much to me! Thanks for reading. ❤

Xo Brit