Kennedy’s One Year Photos

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageWe had Kennedy’s one year photos taken a few weeks ago. I am so in love with every single one. They truly capture Kennedy’s wild personality! We had a hard time trying to get Kennedy to stand still. She definitely has a mind of her own, and was chasing after all of us. Most of the pictures capture her scream face.

I was SUPER surprised when it came to the cake smash. At home, Kennedy can kill some food. She gets food EVERYWHERE! Her hair, her face, her eye, etc. During the cake smash she every so daintily picked off pieces of frosting from her cake. When I pushed her hand in the frosting to try to get things moving along she was very unhappy. Kennedy wanted nothing to do with the frosting. She held her hand out at me like “Here mom, get this yucky stuff off”.

Take a peek through these awesome photos of my crazy girl. ❤


We were very lucky to work with some awesome Etsy shops who created custom orders for us. I just wanted to give them a quick shout out, because I waited until the very last minute to make up my mind, and they really came through!

Teepee: Sugar Shacks Teepees

Flower Crown: Blossoms Chic Boutique

Flower Garland: The Love Bloom

Cake: 2 Blondes and A Bakery



imageDear Kennedy,

Happy Birthday my sweet girl! A year ago today my life was forever changed, and I became your mommy. You are the gift God gave to me that I didn’t know I wanted, nor needed. But now, I couldn’t imagine a day in this life without you. Watching you grow and learn over the past year has been incredible, you are the smartest little girl! You are the happiest baby with the best little personality. You are the perfect mix of both your parents; stubborn and sassy like your Momma and kind and silly like Da. One of my favorite things to do is to watch you take in new experiences. I love to see the world through your big beautiful blue eyes. (one of the only things you got from me) You see everything so pure and simple, and I pray that you don’t let this jaded world change your sweet heart.


I would like to think that I have been teaching you a thing or two this past year, but in reality it is you who has been teaching me. You have taught me patience, though I still have some work to do. You have taught me to let go of the to-do list and schedule, because let’s face it, we are on your time line now. You have taught me how to appreciate the simple things that life has to offer. You have warmed my cold heart, one of the things I am most greatful for. I hope you know that everything I do is for you.  You have changed my life so much sweet girl, and all for the better.

I hope that you know how truly beautiful you are from the inside and out. I am so blessed to be your mommy. I will forever keep you safe, If you forever keep me wild. I love you so incredibly much! I can’t wait to celebrate this day with you.



Guest List

The Party Planning is underway people! My baby is turning one and it is time to celebrate. Kennedy and I sat down yesterday to discuss a few elements of her first birthday party. Hehe.

Up first, the guest list! Who do you invite to a babies first birthday? One part of me  kind of feels like I want to invite every person I know that has a baby, and or, a small child. I want to CELEBRATE! We made it. Through the long, and often sleepless nights. Through the many blow outs. Through our breastfeeding struggles. There was laughter, and there were tears, but we made it!


The other, more rational part of me wants to have a small intimate gathering with our close friends and family. This is how we will celebrate, with our tribe. It truly does take a tribe and we couldn’t be more greatful thankful for ours. We are so blessed to have our friends and family. They have been there for us from the moment that Kennedy was born. They brought us over dinner, watched the baby so we could sleep, and would even surprise us with a tidy kitchen. Though Kennedy is almost a year old, Kenny and I still lean on our support system. Our family watches Kennedy while we work, which is huge for us. It saves SO much money on child care, and is something that we are forever thankful for. Plus, we love the fact that Kennedy gets to spend her to days with people she knows and loves.


Kenny and I are both just so excited to celebrate this special day with everyone! We love sharing our ray of sunshine with the world.

Keep your eye for the next installment of Kennedy’s Birthday Series!

x0 Brit

DIY Coffee Scrub

Hey everybody! Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve just been super busy! Last weekend I was in my cousin’s wedding.(Which, by the way was SO beautiful !) Unfortunately, the next day I woke up and was feeling pretty under the weather. Stuffed up nose, sore throat, the whole sheebang. But, today I am feeling exponentially better… And my baby is napping! Yay!

So enough of the small talk, lets get down to it. A few months ago I was prowling insta when I found that Kristin Cavallari, most famous for the hit Tv show The Hills, had posted a coffee scrub recipe from her new book Balancing in Heels. I loved it because a. It was all natural b. There are less than 5 ingredients c. SUPER EASY



1/4 cup finely ground coffee beans

2 Tbls Cocoa powder

3 Tbls Almond Milk or Coconut Oil

(Keep adding the almond milk or coconut oil if you need more)

You mix all of the ingredients together and


** We didn’t have any cocoa powder so I used hot chocolate instead. Same thing, right?

Once I had mixed everything together I put it in one of Kennedy’s old, cleaned baby food containers. The recipe does make a very small amount, but I found that I could get a couple of uses out of the recipe. I will warn you, It does get a little messy while you’re using it. At first I was really nervous because it looked like a pig whole had been  rolling in the mud had been in my shower! The cleanup wasn’t terrible though, one quick rinse, and it was all down the drain. Plus, it left my skin feeling super smooth!


This would make such a cute gift for some one. I cut out a piece of square fabric that I had left over from another project, and placed it on top of the jar. Then I took a small piece of twine and wrapped it in a bow. SO. STINKIN. CUTE!


I hope you guys love this easy DIY Just as much as I do! Let me know in the comments if you would like to see more DIY’s on the blog.

Xoxo Brit

Favorite Fall Coats

Alright guys, we are going to be doing things a little different this Friday. Normally I post an EXTREMELY cute outfit that I have put together. (If you don’t hear the sarcasm you should probably stop reading my blog now). But, the weather has not been cooperating here in Michigan, so I wasn’t able to take any pics for my post. Instead, I have for you my favorite fall coats. 🙂


  1. I am so obsessed with this quilted bomber! I saw it when I was out shopping at Francesca’s a while back. I knew that it was meant for me when I looked it up online and the name of the bomber, is the “Kennedy”! I think the quilted look really differentiates this jacket from any other bomber out on the market.
  2. So, I know this vest isn’t exactly a “coat”, but it is outer wear! This vest is from Old Navy, which is awesome because you know it has an affordable price point. For Christmas last year, my mom got me the same vest but in army green. I was browsing the website and fell in love with this Herringbone Frost Free vest.
  3. You can find this classic trench at the Loft. It is one the prices side, but it is a staple piece that you will be able to keep in you wardrobe for literally ever. I picture myself wearing this with a classic red lip à la Taylor Swift.
  4. I am CRAZY about this jacket. We went out for a friend’s birthday party last weekend. Not one, but TWO of my friends had this jacket on. One was wearing it in navy and the other was wearing it in the army green color. I went home the next day and ordered it hah! It’s seriously so cute, and I love that it’s a little lighter weight so I can layer sweaters underneath.
  5. If you know me at all, you know that I am OBSESSED with Lauren Conrad. Since high school I have looked to her for fashion and beauty advice. Recently she launched her newest runway collection with Kohls. The details on this Moto jacket are amazing. It is embellished with rose gold hardware, which is so unique. There are a few different color options, it was so hard for me to decide!

It is finally that time of year again! The air has cooled.

  1. Bomber
  2. Herringbone Vest
  3. Essential Trench
  4. Anorak Jacket
  5. Moto Jacket



I couldn’t help but add a couple of super cute kids coats! Who doesn’t love a baby in a pea coat? I know I do!

Let me know if you liked this post in the comments below!

Xoxo Brit

Fashion FriYAY!

Fall is here guys! Eeekkk I could not be more excited. Summer is great and all, but I am a definite fall girl at heart. The only downside to fall I see is that it doesn’t last longer here in the mitten state. I have already found my new favorite fall drink at Starbucks, because yes, I am that basic. I started combining my two favs the White Chocolate Mocha, and the Salted Carmel Mocha… Resulting in a delicious fusion of salted chocolate-y goodness.

Now let’s talk fall fashion. It is all about the flannels baby! I know that fall is upon us when my favorite stores start getting their flannel selections in. They are so cozy and comfy. Personally, I love to pair them back to a great pair of boyfriend pants. Plus, I think adding a cardigan in the colder months adds and element of sophistication to the look. (let’s be honest, what don’t I love adding a cardigan to).


I love this total look because it took me zero time to get ready! I have been living in French braids lately, for this reason. Toss a little ( or an entire bottle, but whose watching?) of dry shampoo in your hair  and you’re good to go. I kept my make-up look super simple and easy. I love the pop of color this classic red lip gives. But, you can also keep with a more natural look and throw on some balm, or gloss.






… Yes, I realize that I have my hands in my pockets in like every photo.

Oh well.

I’ve linked below the outfit dets.

Flannel|Jeans|Shoes|Nail Polish|Lipstick|Eyes

Also, If you don’t have a Bralette you NEED one! Emphasis on the word NEED. They feel like you are wearing a sports bra, only they are pretty. Who doesn’t love cuteness and comfort at the same time. The one I’m wearing is from Aerie, shocker, but you can get them from tons of other stores.

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend.

Talk you soon

Xoxo Brit

Kennedy is 10 Months Old

Hey Guys! It’s been a hot second. Work last week was crazy busy and I just didn’t have time for much else. Don’t fret, I am back at it. 🙂

Since Kennedy has been born we have taken a picture of her every month to document how much she has grown. This month I decided to make the bows that we were using to create the number 10. They weren’t hard to make, just a little more time consuming than I anticipated. So, here we are 11 days after Kennedy’s 10 month birthday and we finally have a picture! (Worst mom ever award goes to this lady right here).


Taking these pictures has become much more challenging now that Kennedy refuses to sit still. I feel like this month was a big one for her. She is able to stand straight up from a squatting position. Although she hasn’t mastered it quiet yet, Kennedy is on her way to walking. She is taking several steps by herself before she plops on the ground. She can’t get enough of her books. She will sit and read them, flip the pages, and pull them off the shelves all day long. We just upgraded her to the big girl car seat.  It was so surreal to see the car seat we brought her home in sitting in the corner of our living room. I just remember how little and fragile she looked in it. She is still eating pretty much anything and everything. She has started opening and closing the doors and cupboards in the house. She loves make-up and watching mommy put hers on. She kept trying to steal my make-up and my brushes. So, I went to the grocery store and bought her a brush of her own. She loves to rub it all over her face… And eat it HA!

She brings us so much joy and laughter. I have a feeling October is going to be an exciting month for Kennedy as well. She is growing into such a smart and funny little girl. We are just CRAZY about her!